Should I create a business in Spain or just a branch office?

This is completely dependent on what you aim to do. If you want to come to Spain for a few months during the winter to work from afar, the costs are about the same here as in Finland, including trips, housing and food. At our workspace/co-work space, a week is 100€ and a month is 150€. If instead you want to come here to see and find out about your own international expansion opportunities, there are many different ways to go about that. If it’s done internally without any outside help, it will cost time and getting to know how things work here. Through us it’s advised to start with a small planning meeting/work-shop to establish your goals, and then come here in person. We will help organise with the necessary entities, wether it’s the city of Malaga, some business or person from the Technology Park or a start-up accelerator, whichever best suits your needs. Our prices stay reasonable, and you can see them at services & pricing. The service costs in Spain are about half of those in Finland. If it’s about a bigger project, our funding team will direct you, as well as complete funding applications and planning.

What does it cost to establish a business? What do the costs consist of?

You can come to Spain to continue the same work that you’ve done in Finland, for example run a cafe, a hair salon, a massage parlour, a doctor’s reception, do real estate, etc.

In Spain it’s common to work as a small business owner, and establish an autonomo, which is the equivalent of a Finnish company name.

Since 2018 there’s been more flexibility as well as price discounts when it comes to businesses that aren’t income-stable throughout the year, or are subject to circumstantial changes now and again.

The autonomo price is just 50 euros per month, up to 24 months. Young, under-30 ’s men and women up to 35 benefit from a lowered autonomo price for up to 36 months. After that, the cost is about 270€ per month.

You can simply come here as an entrepreneur, if you can for example work from afar for a Finnish client(päämies?). The items and services you can bill from your client without VAT (as within the EU products and services move without VAT).

Here you can obtain public health insurance which lets you use public health services. It also collects minimum retirement and makes you eligible for the minimum unemployment benefits, which are already limited*. By increasing the monthly costs, the costs of these also increase.

Only when your revenues are at a million euros do you have to think about forming a company. Another common option is to find a Limited Company (Sociedad Limitada, S.L) which requires a capital investment of 3000 euros. That sum is to be placed on a Spanish bank account and when the company has been registered, this sum can be used for company investments. The costs of finding the company, certificates, and lawyer fees are around 1500-2000 euros and the process usually takes 4-6 weeks.


Relocating to Spain is not difficult. All permits and paperwork are easy to get in place, and we at Business Landing are here just for that.


Now there’s also an ‘express Sociedad Limitada’ which makes it possible to find a company in about a week. This incurs 1000 euros as an extra fee, in addition to the previously listed costs of finding a company.

What’s the pay like?

The Spanish average pay in 2017 was 1639 euros. This sum has barely changed since 2012, even though the cost of living has gone up. According to the consultant firm Adecco’s published findings. The average pay has been reported as gross salary. The further South you get the lower the average pay and the lowest pay is in Extremadura (1330 euros) and pay below 1400 can also be found in Murcia and the Canary Islands. Whereas in Madrid the average pay was 1,936 per month. In addition to pay, the quality of living is of course also affected by living costs. In Fuengirola these are, compared to international costs of living, about average. Comparing to Finland, the general cost of living in Fuengirola is 24.25% lower and the rental costs are 27.64% lower.