Take your business venture to Spain!

Grow your business in Spain and find new partners, associates, networks and funding with the tools & connections Business Landing S.L. has for you.

Christopher Columbus was a forerunner of his time, and a fearless explorer. He essentially overcame many ‘production problems’, obtained the necessary ‘funding’, a brave staff, ships, and recruited an Advisory Board to back his ambitious goal of finding a short sea-route from ​​Europe to India.

Columbus never reached his set goal. Instead, he unknowingly found America, but could not enjoy this great achievement since he did not comprehend what he had found.

“Scientia potentia est”. Knowledge is power, and a tool with which you pre-emptively solve problems before they manifest. New information also enables you to reach solutions you had not even thought to aspire for.

Business Landing service is based on knowledge and experience. We will bring you the keys of opportunity on the tray to make you move towards the new country, growth and development unmatched.

The Business Landing – experience is based on a solid foundation of knowledge and experience. We work to make the journey of your business towards growth and evolution as smooth as possible.

The principle of a brave business venture has not changed much since Christopher Columbus. You still need a solid team, practical equipment and financial backing to realize your goals. To meet these needs in the Spanish market we have built a toolbox, a network and a data bank – everything you need to facilitate your journey and impending success.

Malaga, the place to be! During the last 25 years Malaga has expanded into the Malaga Valley, a place of tremendous growth potential for companies. Malaga is centrally located in Europe with an active international airport.

The metropolis of Malaga has a population of around 1,1 million, 8% of which are international. It’s economic growth in 2015 was 3,5% and it has since then accelerated at an annual rate of two per cent. Around 14 companies are founded here every day, and it has been evaluated as the fourth largest area of (economic?) growth in the world. A thousand new jobs were created last year in technology by the Andalucian Technology Park in the PTA. The Technology Park itself grew by more than 8%.

Malaga is one of Europe’s largest accelerator networks – with 14 units, with a capacity for up to 300 start-ups. Additionally, Spain still has relatively low labor costs. Furthermore, cheap living costs make Malaga the ideal place to live, work and invest.